The Boca News: December 1955 – August 2009

Today’s edition is the last for the Boca News, a Knight-Ridder satellite. Management announced Friday they were shutting down the print operation and will take a very small staff to go digital only.

Talent from the paper is now scattered across the globe and marks its passing in comments on Bob Norman’s blog, The Daily Pulp. bocanews-a1Norman gives a pretty good history of the paper on the site as well.

Alums across the state – and around the world

Many who worked at The Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald and the west-coasters Tampa Tribune and St. Pete Times started their careers or or made a stop at the Boca News. Others of us in bureaus nearby competed with them and hoisted many a pint with them off-hours.

For them, we raise a toast, remembering when:

— 30 —

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